Website Security

I recently installed a quick little plugin on my WordPress¬†website. It’s called WordFence. I can’t even remember how I found it but I thought, why not? I get emails every once in a while, every time someone logs in, when it finds an update that should be run.

The most powerful email I’ve received from them so far is this:




Now, I would normally take out the IP address since I’m blogging about it but if you read the email, this person or person’s computer was trying to hack into my website! The tried 20 times and the last time they tried, they used the username of “ADMIN”. This is the default that everyone uses! You don’t even need to be an experienced hacker to figure that part out.

I have nothing on my website that’s important to anyone other than me, so I’m not really sure what their purpose was other than to wreak havoc! And that’s just not nice.

I strongly encourage you to start using a service like LastPass or RoboForm. Start using passwords that are complicated! These services will create complicated ones for you. If a hacker gets into your website, they now know your username and password. They can assume that you use the same combination everywhere! They can hack your FaceBook account, or worse…your bank and credit cards.

We all live in password hell, I get it but let’s be smart. Let’s make the bad people’s jobs harder and make our passwords complicated! Let me know if you need help with this…I have over 500 passwords in my password account! It’s a large task to start changing them but these services that are FREE can help tremendously.