Top 10 Must-haves for your website

Top 10 Website Must Haves

About The Checklist:

Times, they are a changin’! Your website needs to look absolutely on point. It’s 2021 and EVERYONE is online even more. Make sure your website has all of the qualities needed to be successful.

  • Beth Riegger knows intuitively what a business needs to be promoted and to be successful. She has a laser focus on creating a marketing strategy. Her hard work paid for itself within ten days of my new web page being active.
    ―Barbara May
  • Beth is energetic, knowledgeable, always looking to learn, loves to find better ‘techie’ ways of doing stuff, she is very good at building report and relating with her clients and making them feel like part of her family.
    ―Josh Heriot
  • Beth is easy going, accessible, and insightful. She explains the process in laymen’s terms so that I can understand and even navigate my website to add and update photos and information.
    ―Julie Burkhart
  • Beth has helped me with social media content, marketing strategies, landing pages, and more. It has really brought some good results for me. She really pays attention to details.
    ―Shubh Sharma
  • Beth is very detail-oriented, I've always been very impressed with her work. I would highly recommend her.
    ―Jon Hanson

About Beth.

Using her 30+ years in sales and marketing, as well as her 12 years in web design, Beth helps clients create smart and effective marketing strategies. She starts with an inventory of their digital footprint (as well as analog!) to assess where they are marketing right now and how well it’s working for them. Then she discusses who their target market is. Next, Beth does some major research to figure out what the best course of action should be for their budget to reach their target market. What they end up with is a clear marketing plan to give them the most bang for their buck.

My goal is to find the right marketing for you to reach your customer, getting the most bang for you buck!

Beth Riegger