Here is a great free tool for networkers! Sorry, it only works with gmail 🙂


This is why I like it so much, it really stream lines my networking!

What it does for you: when you are emailing someone, it will show on the right hand side of your screen if you are connected to that person on the different social media platforms. If you are, then you can see their updates without leaving the comfort of your email box 🙂 You can even comment right from there.

I like this ability because then I don’t get distracted by all of the other updates on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, etc. I have many people that I communicate regularly with that ask me, “Did you see my post on…” Now I can!

Also, if you aren’t connected, it will show you and you can click a simple button, add in your personal message if you’d like and voila, you are connected! I like this ability because when I emailing someone new, I can connect with them right away and it impresses them!

So check out Repportive and let me know what you think! Have you found any uses for it that I haven’t mentioned?