Landscape Designer Association Website

Project Description

APLDMN came to me needing a new website. They were with a provider that they wanted to change. So we helped them set up their own hosting account, transfer their domain to their new account and set up their email. We then went to work on the site. We helped design a header image, created a way for members to join events, advertise what they do, the benefits of being a part of the association and a blog so the members can strut their stuff.

Project Details

Client Client Name Date Date of Completion Skills Branding, Web Design View

Minneapolis, MN Web Design

Project Feature

They wanted an area for all members to be show-cased, upload a logo or picture, contact information and links to their individual websites.

Calendar of Events

They needed a calendar feature to be able to easily invite members and non members to events and have a total of people who are coming.

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