House Cleaning Website

Project Description

Heaven Scent Cleaning Services came to us because her website was being hosted somewhere else, she wanted to make changes but was limited to making them through the website designer. Linda wanted more freedom so we moved all of her content to a WordPress website and then taught her how to use it. She is now able to make small changes as well as some pretty big ones all on her own! We kept her content pretty similar to the old website as well as the basic brand colors but changed how the client interacts.  She also needed a small e-commerce package to sell her products on her website.

Project Details

Client Heaven Scent
Date November 2014
Skills Branding, Web Design

Project Feature

We built a form on her website to streamline her intake and ordering process. She can now point advertising to this page and collect the right information from clients and potential clients to give them the most accurate pricing and timing.

Project Feature

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