Green Star BBQ Website Design

Project Description

Green Star BBQ came to us needed everything, from start to finish. This is a brand new company with a fantastic idea! Todd & Jeff love to BBQ, they also love to hit their local watering hole! The problem? Their local bar served only pizza from a little pizza oven. The solution? Green Star BBQ! They go into small bars that don’t have a kitchen and help them increase their bottom line as well as please their customers with offering their great BBQ.

They needed a website that would grow with them. To start, they needed a website design, the content, some basic business tools like Google Voice, Google Analytics, and email to get them up and running. We also helped them design a customized QR code.

If you ever go to a bar where they are serving Green Star BBQ, you’d better try some, believe me, you won’t be sorry!

Project Details

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Project Feature

We also created this quick form to help the guys when they are out on the road.

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