Used Car Sales Website

Project Description

Christy Motors came to us to update their current website. A family friend had built their original website and all though it was great at the time, it was no longer serving them the way they needed. The way of uploading the inventory was tedious and they were unhappy with their email. We found a great tool to upload inventory much easier, allow the end user experience to be smooth and easy, have a safe/secure way for clients to submit an application and have easy access to their emails.

Project Details

Client Christy Motors
Date  June 2014
Skills Web Design

Project Feature

We made sure that Christy Motors was legal with their online applications by making sure these applications were transmitted on a secure site using an SSL certificate. We made this form easy for the clients to fill out and easy for Christy Motors to receive the information.

Project Feature

The feature of uploading inventory, entering all of the details, setting sale price and even posting a for sale listing to Craig’s List has all been streamlined for them. From the end user perspective, it’s very easy for customers to navigate and search for just the right used car.

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