You know those useful apps that will track your mileage and calculate your costs are wonderful tools to make your life easier and work splendidly… until they don’t…

All of the sudden you go to check in and update your logs only to find that the company seems to have disappeared with no warning. Can’t log in, can’t reclaim your reports. This has happened to me TWICE!
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Aaaack!!!! Did you run your reports? Were you running back ups? Was it saved on your cloud or theirs? Oh… s#!t.

Well in my case, the log still existed in my phone, but I still needed to make a report (manually– oh the horror!) and double check it with my calendar to recover my travel expense report. (Okay, I didn’t, that’s what I have an admin for… Thanks, Kiki!).

So while you do your research, read the reviews, check when the last updates were done, read the comments and replies from the service provider, check the specs and make sure that IF there’s a subscription that it’s in your budget. Once you’ve picked an app, make sure you do a monthly to bi-monthly audit of the app, its company AND your logs. Check the reviews again and see how long it has been since it was last updated. And BACK IT UP!

2980-illustration-of-a-blue-curved-right-arrow-pvThis will make life a lot easier and not have to ask your admin to go back over an entire year of mileage logs to make a new report. (Have I mentioned how much I like my admin??)

Until next time!

Beth 🙂