How to craft your marketing message is actually a lot more simple than you think! No matter if you are posting on FaceBook, taking a picture and pinning it on Pinterest or developing your home page on your website, the formulae is all the same.

WIFM? What’s in it for me (aka the customer/client/patient/etc)? What problem do you solve for them? Why are they searching for you?

If you can’t answer that simple question…STOP!!! Do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not do anything until you can answer that question!! This is the basis for all of your marketing and quite frankly, the difference between staying in business or going broke.

If you need help figuring this out, it sometimes helps to brainstorm with a friend, people in your business, even networking friends. You could also speak with a business coach or someone like me who has a great time crafting marketing message.

Good luck with your marketing messages!