faviconI have seen this so many times it just makes me want to cry, literally!! I get a call from someone that says their web-designer hasn’t returned their calls/emails in days, weeks, years! They need updates ran on their website or they’d like to make changes but they don’t know how. That’s where I come in to help and get sad for bad business practices of people in my industry.

You need to know no matter who you do business with, that when you purchase  your domain name(s), that it is done from YOUR account. Otherwise, that other person technically owns the domain name! You can set up your own account at GoDaddy or BlueHost or HostMonster or where ever for free, then turn over the username and password to the person who’s doing the work. The same goes for hosting, you should have your own hosting account so that if you ever need to switch web designers, you have the keys, not them.

What about your email? If your email is hosted on someone else’s account and they go out of business, what happens then? Would your business stop of their account is dead? Yep!!

Getting your information back from someone who has wronged you or maybe you’ve even wronged them is just terrible. It makes the process so long, drawn out and just extends the unhappiness all together. Yes, it can absolutely be done and if you paid for it, it is yours. But it sure is a hassel. Be sure to set it up correctly from the beginning, this will avoid tons of heartache in the future, I promise you!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about or would like to be sure you own your domain name, hosting and email accounts, just drop me an email or call. We’ll check it out for you free of charge. If it’s not all registered under you, we can help you through the process of how to accomplish this while you are still on good terms.