Why I don’t charge a maintenance feewordpress-logo-2x


People have asked me recently why I don’t charge a maintenance fee? My biggest thing with the websites I build is that I teach you how to maintain your website yourself. If you are a busy business professional that doesn’t want to mess with this kind of thing, that’s totally fine, I’ll take your money!! 🙂 But in reality, it’s very simple to do.

The thing you need to be careful of when you take care  of your website on your own is sometimes the “plugins” don’t always cooperate with the version of WordPress that you are using. There are two different ways you can avoid this. The first way is to go to www.WordPress.org, look up your plugin and on the right hand side, it shows if it’s compatible with your version of WordPress or not. The other way, the easier way in my opinion, is to simply run a backup of your website and then run the updates. After that is done, you go through some parts of your website to make sure it still looks the same. If it doesn’t just install the back up and wait for the developer to fix it.

This may sound all very technical and complicated but remember I speak human as well as geek and I promise I’ll help you through it!

Hope this helps all of you, let me know if you need some advice on updating your website.