This client came to me with several things on her to do list! We  keep adding to it as we cross things off, it has been a really fun project and client to work with.

We started with taking her logo and creating a great coverpage photo for her FaceBook pages (Joanne Meehl Career Services as well as Face 2 Face), updated her Twitter background and created a YouTube channel for her. We also did extensive Keyword research and laced those through-out her website, her social media pages and her blog.

We’ve been working hard on the backend of her website to insert Keywords, make updates, inserting tracking links and reviewing her website analytics to make sure her marketing efforts are in the right place.

Lastly, we’ve done some video editing for her YouTube channel. We added in the music, intro and outro, cut out places that didn’t need to be in the video, uploaded to YouTube and laced the explanations with Keywords.