Blogging questions answered.

This post was inspired by a question a client asked me. Years ago, their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) pro advised them that their blog should live on another domain. For example, their site is www.coolwidgets.com. Their SEO pro advised them that their blog should be on www.coolwidgetsblog.com.

There have been and are many valid reasons why you want another domain to refer links to your website. The more sites that point traffic to your main site, the better your organic rankings. We all understand this. But having your blog on an entirely different domain is not the answer to this. If you post links to you blog on LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, G+, Redit, and other blog indexing sites, you are generating traffic to a different domain. So you are splitting your efforts. If all of your efforts go to the same domain, it better for you!

Let’s take an example. You’ve registered your business domain, www.coolwidget.com, on several sites such as Merchant¬†Circle, Google Places, etc. You’ve found 50 different places to list your company. Then you go out, write a post (like this!), then go out to 50 different places to post the blog post www.coolwidgetblog.com/this-post. Instead of having 100 links to www.coolwidget.com, you have 50 to www.coolwidget.com and 50 links to www.coolwidgetblog.com.

It’s simple math, 100 is better than 50!

That’s all for today, feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions!

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