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For this website, I worked with my partner Marco Verweg at Mettle Computer Solutions. Bagley is a lure manufacturing company that’s been around for many years. They’ve gone through some ownership transitions and now, they have a new owner and are ready to take the brand to the next level. We did a complete overhaul of their website.

Bagley had many high resolution images that they wanted on the front page as a slide show. They are the main attraction! We had to edit each image so that it was beautiful on their website as well as it didn’t drag their website speed down.

Each of their lure categories has a home page. So there is the Balsa page, the Plastic page and the Metal page. Each of these have their own slideshow and explanation of their processes. When you go deeper into each of these categories, there are lure families. So for the Balsa lures, there are 14 lure families. Each of these page feature a 360 view, a beauty shot, details about the lure, images of each color with a pop-up closer view of them, and stats on the lure.

We have also started SEO strategies, directory listings, blog posts, and Social Media campaigns. We have brought them to 2500 likes on FaceBook in less than 30 days! The fishing community is super active on both FaceBook and Twitter and we are loving working with them.

This has been phase one of this website.

Phase two will include a store functionality, a dealer locator, a flea market/swamp meet, and a wall of fame.

This has been an amazing project to work on! Stay tuned for phase two.